Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our October

This has been an eventful month. Well, I guess every day is eventful with a little one.

It started out with Dawson being super cute ... don't worry, he still is!

Followed by a trip to South Carolina for conference. On our way, we witnessed a small neighborhood move.

Dawson passed out at grandmas.

Dawson and I found a new morning ritual. While I do my hair and makeup, Dawson watches the fan. I put scraps of fabric on there and turn it on. It usually has his attention long enough for me to fully get ready!

Then there was some more cuteness. Thanks Heather for the cute Halloween shirt =)

Followed by the Caegle's Dairy Corn Maize in Canton! I missed this place a lot, so we went with our friends and their two adorable girls. We had a blast, and you guessed it, Dawson slept the whole time!

But that didn't stop daddy from trying to play on the bouncy thing ...

Dawson and Kinnley.

Kinnley took more of an interest to Dawson, Dawson is still trying to figure out the concept of other babies.

Then a Halloween party that night. Aaron was a pharmacist, I was a prescription bottle, and Dawson was the pill. I thought it was fitting that he be crying in his pill costume. He was a perfect angel during the party.

Then there was some more cuteness. This is Sunday cuteness. Mmm mmm that boy is adorable.

There were some "Little Rascals" club signs.

Followed by, you guessed it, more cuteness.

The month ended with a ward Halloween party where Dawson was a horse (Thanks again Heather) and I was a cowgirl and Aaron was a student at home studying. but before the Halloween party, the boys took a little nap together. How precious.

I got pictures of Dawson on 9-27-11 and 10-27-11, his 1 month and 2 month marks, in the same outfit. How cool that he's already grown so much!

Hope everyone had a happy October!
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  1. I'm glad you had a wonderful month... I love the Rx theme and that Dawson was the little pill :D

  2. Good job with the pic it is so fun to see them. What a sweet family! Love mom