Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I made my own nativity scene this year! I LOVE nativity scenes. I love to arrange and rearrange them. I'm not sure why I love them so much, It may be because I grew up with so many? Or maybe because my mom let me arrange them all the time? But I think it's because I love the Christmas season and the story that the nativity tells. It's a wonderful reminder that our Savior came to this earth as a small, helpless child like all of us, lived his life and saved mankind in selfless love.

With that being said, I wanted a nativity scene just for Dawson. I colored and cut out my figures and slapped them on some blocks of wood with modge podge (have I ever mentioned how much I love modge podge?)
Dawson loves it. He loves it so much he stood up ON HIS OWN to play with it!
He doesn't do that for much else. 

My nativity scene is a win for all.
1.) It encourages Dawson to stand
2.) Dawson now has a decoration he can play with
3.) It looks SO darn cute
4.) I get to rearrange it several times a day!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

What a fun few weeks!

We've had some CRAZY fun these past few weeks!

We had a campout with the Young Women. Since I am ward camp director, this fell under my jurisdiction. Hence the air mattress inside a nice heated building ... So some girls slept outside, and some girls inside. We had a fire, so it was legitimate. 

We played some awesome team builders with them (Thanks dad!!)

Save the doll: There are 2 circles, in between the two circles is lava. Here's a rope, and save my dog over by that tree.
The girls worked together really well to save my dog.

But one was too impatient to wait for a solution ... She didn't touch the lava, I was so impressed by her 10 foot leap that I let her have it.

They still had to save her though. Even though she had thrown the dog over to safety.

The all classic: Spiderweb =)

They were glad to be done with this one.

And Sneaky Indian (BIG hit, thanks again Dad!)
One girl thought it was funny to sneak up behind other girls and yell, which gave away her position! It was too funny. We gave her gold stars for creativity.

 Dawson loves to be outside. He also loves his daddy. So when he gets both, he's a happy camper. So happy in fact, he decided to walk for us! He's still figuring it out, but we're in no rush!

Dawson's first bubble bath. He decided early on that eating the bubbles was not a good idea. 

Tonight's Stake activity was a hoedown. We had a lot of fun dressing up like cowboys!

And we can't leave out this picture ... I love my baby.
He only gets his pacifier when he's sleeping, but the day we took this picture, he got to have it all day since he was feeling so yucky. I forgot he had it with him when I bathed him ... but you know those days when mom just gives up? Yeah, that was one of those days.

Monday, October 29, 2012


A few weeks ago, Aaron went with the scouts to hike Blood Mountain. It's the tallest point on the Appalachian trail. Aaron loved the Georgia "Mountains". I'm glad he could go. He likes things like that. 

Dawson and I stayed home and enjoyed the beautiful weather another way. We chilled on the back porch. 

For Halloween, We wanted to dress Dawson up as a tough guy, wearing a bandanna, wife beater, and a goatee. He didn't want that. So we decided on Clark Kent/Superman. It took TONS of gel to get that little curl in the front. But SO worth it!

Oh and of course, Mario and Luigi go perfectly with Superman ...  

Friday, October 12, 2012

Proud Parents

Dawson got his follow-up flu shot a few days ago. Naturally, he did not like them. But we were able to stop the screaming with a simple red sucker. Oh the little joys in life!

We've also found what motivates Dawson to stand: Fruit snacks. He can't pull himself up to stand yet, but boy, he sure tries. He's trying to hard to couch cruise too, but he hasn't figured out how to move his chubby feet. 

He pulls out a fruit snack, hands it to me. I say "Thank you" and put it away. We repeat this until he is out of fruit snacks. We may sample a few during our play. 

Dawson LOVES the piano. He flips the pages and plays some songs. He's quite the prodigy. 

This is our version of time out.
Just kidding. Dawson LOVES being outside. And seeing that it's BEAUTIFUL Fall weather and we have a screened-in porch. I don't mind it so much either. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Book Worm

I really don't have new pictures to post. I'm bad about taking spontaneous pictures. I did want to brag about my baby though. I'm good at that.
Our little stinker is 13 months old! He does NOT cuddle me at all, so when he does decide to cuddle; I take it. No matter what we are doing. (Which may have been used to my disadvantage because now Dawson lays his head on my shoulder when I lower him down to his crib ...)
Our bedtime routine usually includes a book. Due to Dawson's age, I've stuck to the classic big letters and flashy colors. He mostly tries to play with these books, resulting in power struggles between the two of us. But lately, I've decided to actually read books to him. Dawson rested his little head on me while I read to him "Horton Hears a Who". He stared and stared at the pictures while I read. He was so enthralled in it. We got through half the book before he tried to rip the pages out. WOW!
We also have several block books in his toy bin. He'll pull them out and flip through the pages and "read" them out loud.
I love that he loves books. It's been so fun to see! I'm so impressed with my baby boy!
Now it's time for some regular library trips.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Dawson!

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Dawson's first birthday!
We had so much fun with balloons and cupcakes and a new toy.
We went up to Daddy's campus to take some pictures of the birthday boy.

Dawson wasn't too sure about this cupcake idea. 

But he knows what's important! First things first: Lick the icing off the candle.

Then lick all the icing off the cupcake

After about a cupcake and a half, Dawson may have reached a little sugar coma ...

But a few balloons fixed that problem.

What has 1 year brought us?
We may be the only parents in the world who is "encouraging" (AKA: forcing) Dawson to learn to walk. As per his doctor's orders. He'll figure it out ... eventually. As for now, we'll let him enjoy life.
He still scoots on his belly, but he's incredibly fast with it now!
He has 2 bottom teeth (with the biggest, cutest gap between them), the top two middle teeth and he's currently cutting the two teeth next to those. At the same time.
Dawson has picked some favorite toys now =)
He picks up a book, opens it and started to babble.
Says "Dada" and associates it with both Aaron and I
Plays peek-a-boo
Clings to his mommy
Dawson bites now that he has teeth OUCH!
Hates pants
Opens and closes every door and cupboard in the house. Even if it means closing the door to our bedroom. While he's in there. Alone. With the lights off. Then screaming in fear.
LOVES bananas
Says "nana" and "Mmm"
"Feeds" himself with a fork and spoon. We're still learning HOW to get food ON the utensil. For now, he bangs it on or near the food and then puts it in his mouth.

We love watching our little goober grow and learn. He is so curious and so cautious at the same time. He's the sweetest little boy and knows that everyone loves him. What's not to love. We're excited to see what the next year brings in store.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sleeping, Grandma, and Utter Cuteness!

Earlier this month, Dawson and I headed up to Grandma's house. We went to help watch over Hudson and Porter. Those two are cute cookies!!

Dawson REALLY enjoyed the hardwood floors. First of all, no rug burns! Second of all, the hardwood made it MUCH easier to scoot around on. He practically glided. And he traveled everywhere!

 And I mean everywhere ....
My mom and I heard little distressed grunts coming from the kitchen area. We peeked over the couch to see this:

Let's examine this picture please refer to the number references below:
#5.) Dawson kicking as hard as he can against the wall. He knew he was trapped
#4.) Both arms under the lateral bars in the chair. On solid ground. A false sense of security.
#3.) A look of discontent. This is expected among a small trapped child
#2.) One leg wrapped around the other chair leg. Really ... don't ask me how, I don't know.
#1.) The cause of all this distress. Proving the shortest route was definitely the wrong choice today. 

Meanwhile: Porter and Hudson talking amongst themselves. Oblivious to the obvious torture happening just a few feet away.

Well, after some wild fun at Grandma's, we decided it was time for Dawson to eat green beans ... himself!
We accidentally gave him the bowl. However, I was quite impressed that he managed to NOT tip the bowl or deliberately spill his beans. 
I'm sure he'll figure this out soon.

But the real reason you all looked through this post:
Sleeping baby pictures.
You know, it's ironic. I spend most of the day wishing it was Dawson's bedtime. Hoping it will come by sooner. But when he's asleep (As well as sleeping in our closet with only a sheet to muffle the noise and light) I find myself walking in there to watch him. Wishing he were awake so we can play some more. 
Irony ... gets you every time.

Clutching his binki ... cute!

We love this little booger. And he'll be 1 in less than a week! Time sure does fly by!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Some cute videos

This is how Dawson used to get around.
Now he's upgraded to this.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July = 11 Months of Joy

Our precious little boy is 11 months old now!

In the middle of the month (July 15th to be exact) we celebrated cow appreciation day.
What would YOU do for a free chick-fil-a meal?
Would you dress up like a cow?
On cow appreciation day, Chick-fil-a gives you a free MEAL for dressing up like a cow. 
So we found duct tape and card stock and made us some cow spots. 
And yes, we did get a free meal, and yes, it did taste a MILLION times better!
Mmmm free chick-fil-a.

Dawson enjoyed the attention ... and the waffle fries!

This morning, Aaron called me into the room. He wanted me to see this:

He was frustrated and trying to get out of the basket, but I just HAD to grab a picture first!

Then, of course, I had to take him outside for some 11-month pictures. 

It was approaching nap time, so we had a few many upset faces. 

Prison shot ...

11-months old:
2 teeth
Gets up on his hands and knees and rocks
Army crawls with ONLY his left arm (as of today in fact!)
Has NO desire to stand on his feet
LOVES peek-a-boo
Ticklish everywhere
Loves his Daddy
Adores his Mommy
Likes to read books with Mommy and Daddy
Does ANYTHING to get to Mommy's lap top and/or any cord in sight
Beginning to throw little temper tantrums
Makes everyone around him smile

Gotta love the little dude!