Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kingdom Anamalia

We have experienced exciting things from kingdom Anamalia today.
The day started with the equine family. We learned how to saddle our horses and we rode in circles today: Good experience
The next experience was in the feline family. We dissected cats today! I was the only one doing the dissections because everyone else was scared to cut open poor fluffy. (I think next lab I'll steal Amanda's idea and create a cat themed mix CD to play during the next dissection. Just to tick off the wooses.) Overall: Mixed experience
Next we approach the order coleoptera (Family and species unknown to us as we are not willing to get close enough to it to key it out, we'll ask the entomology teacher) We found it on the ground and took immediate interest. Our home teacher is taking a class that has him collecting various bugs. (I'm hooking him up with a Madagascar hissing cockroach tomorrow from my boss) So we called him up and told him about this beetle. He said he had too many beetles. Buut this bug was too cool to pass up. Below is our attempt to suffocate him. We'll see how long he takes to die.

The video will be posted soon!

Yes, we ARE nerds.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

23rd first day of school!

It's our first day of Fall semester 2010. Ok, so our first day was a week ago, but still. Aaron's classes are pretty tough. He's taking Immunobiology, Pathophysiology, Physics 1 (For pharmacy school prereqs), and the upper level anatomy class. On top of that, he is the TA for 2 general chemistry labs. I haven't seen him much since school started. I am taking Stream ecology, Animal Anatomy and Physiology, Genetics, Evolution, horsemanship, and senior seminar.
Stream ecology wont be too challenging. I took limnology a few semesters ago. It is the study of lakes and their ecosystems. Every day we would learn a concept and my teacher would say, "And the same thing applies to streams, but brother Stricklan will get mad at me if I tell you about it." So needless to say, Stream Eco. will not be a complete challenge. Animal anatomy and physiology is interesting too. I took human anat. and phys. during the 7-week break. So, this class has been easy thus far. I almost hope this class will bring on a challenge. Genetics will be my most challenging class. Nuff said.
Evolution is really awesome so far. We've spent the 1st 3 days talking about the church's stand on evolution. It's been really cool. Basically, we've established that Adam IS our common ancestor. God created Adam and he WAS the FIRST human on the earth. MY theory is that the early hominids were "human-like" creatures that did not have agency, thus not human. But there is still much to be explored in this class. It's really cool to hear everyone's opinions and my teacher's opinion as well. It's important to have an open mind on such a sensitive subject.
Horsemanship is AWESOME! We've spent the 1st class period learning about how to gain trust and friendship with our horse. My horse thinks I'm boring. I'll have to work on that. the 2nd day, we were assigned horses, haltered them, brushed them, cleaned their hooves and took them in the arena and "played". My horse is really pushy and he keeps getting all up in my space no matter how much I push him away. He'll be a tough little cookie.
Senior seminar is in place of my internship. It's a 1 credit class, and I can't exactly fit it into my schedule this semester or next (or even last semester for that matter). So my teacher just added me in and is letting me take it online. I am basically going to write a lot of papers.
On top of ALL that, I am now a lab TA for the botany labs. There are 3 labs a week (about 7 hours a week) I sit in on the classes (about 3 hours a week) and I clean up the lab materials and set up lab. He also wants me to do a study group every week for an hour or so. Soooo I am the TA, the stockroom assistant, and the Tutor. It's fun and it will let me quit the testing center. FINALLY!!!!!!

Well that is our lives thus far. I'll post picctures of the JON SCHMIDT concert we went to as well as the ABBA-MANIA concert we will go to.
We love life, we love each other, and we love you!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Friday Night's Date

Aaron and I went to the duck pond for our date night. We had a few old tortillas and a LOT of bread heals in our fridge. The ducks were pretty well fed that day. The geese even lost interest, but those ducks and teals fought for our little scraps.

Look at all those ducks!!

After feeding the ducks, we rode our bikes back home and drew pictures of our evening. It was fun to draw and color. Aaron didn't like that last part, but he participated like the trooper he is. He draws excellent bikes!
This is Aaron's drawing and mine is underneath. I drew the little ducklings that looked so innocent and the older ducks fighting for bread and tortillas. =)

Here's a video of out Tortilla Toss. That was our favorite!


This was Aaron's "PCAT Love". I had one of these by the bed every morning leading up to the PCAT. We find out the results in a month! On the last day, I gave him a massage. I was on my knees for about an hour and ended up twisting my knee and messing up my ligaments .... oops. But Aaron's tesion dissappeared.

When he came home, this was on the door with a SKOR bar. =) He enjoyed that.
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Missin my Riley and Eliza

I am going to miss these guys so much! Their daddy got a job out in Iowa and they moved out a week ago. They're the cutest littel guys! We got to watch them for 2 full days while their parent's packed up their apartment. They are searching for a house right now. We are wishing them the BEST of luck!
She told me the other day that Riley (the little boy) asked for "Aaron" (Which means Brittany) and that he wanted to play "The umbrella game." It's where we hide under the umbrella and sing "I like to look for rainbows, whenever there is rain" and squirt the umbrella with water and watch it drip down.
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