Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kingdom Anamalia

We have experienced exciting things from kingdom Anamalia today.
The day started with the equine family. We learned how to saddle our horses and we rode in circles today: Good experience
The next experience was in the feline family. We dissected cats today! I was the only one doing the dissections because everyone else was scared to cut open poor fluffy. (I think next lab I'll steal Amanda's idea and create a cat themed mix CD to play during the next dissection. Just to tick off the wooses.) Overall: Mixed experience
Next we approach the order coleoptera (Family and species unknown to us as we are not willing to get close enough to it to key it out, we'll ask the entomology teacher) We found it on the ground and took immediate interest. Our home teacher is taking a class that has him collecting various bugs. (I'm hooking him up with a Madagascar hissing cockroach tomorrow from my boss) So we called him up and told him about this beetle. He said he had too many beetles. Buut this bug was too cool to pass up. Below is our attempt to suffocate him. We'll see how long he takes to die.

The video will be posted soon!

Yes, we ARE nerds.

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  1. haha this post made me laugh.
    and i hope you are referring to MY cat mix :) ill make a copy for you ;)