Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Friday Night's Date

Aaron and I went to the duck pond for our date night. We had a few old tortillas and a LOT of bread heals in our fridge. The ducks were pretty well fed that day. The geese even lost interest, but those ducks and teals fought for our little scraps.

Look at all those ducks!!

After feeding the ducks, we rode our bikes back home and drew pictures of our evening. It was fun to draw and color. Aaron didn't like that last part, but he participated like the trooper he is. He draws excellent bikes!
This is Aaron's drawing and mine is underneath. I drew the little ducklings that looked so innocent and the older ducks fighting for bread and tortillas. =)

Here's a video of out Tortilla Toss. That was our favorite!

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  1. That is so funny. It was cute to here you two laughing. Is that called a "swarm of ducks?"
    Love and miss you both, love MOM