Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What’s up with that?

So here's our update. Thursday morning, our car didn't start. We assumed it was the battery (seeing as how we only drive it to campus and back, poor car) so we got our neighbor to jump it for us. While the engine was running, he heard a subtle clanking. It was our timing chain. Uh oh. He recommended a great auto shop, they've been great. I've had so many problems with mechanics here in Rexburg. We're so grateful to live so close to a trustworthy man that knows his cars. We're also grateful we got me a bike last fall. It's come in handy. We're biking everywhere now. It's a great workout! It's also been a great humility work out. It's hard for us to ask for help, so this is good for us to practice! I just hope we'll be able to help them when they need it.

On a side note, school is going great for us. Aaron's got some tough classes, but he is an O-chem lab assistant and he loves it! He was so excited! This will be so good for him, it'll give him a chance to review his O-chem for his PCAT (and get paid for it). I only have 12 credits this semester. The tests are a little hard, but that's about the extent of my schooling. I have about 7 required camping trips this semester. I know, me camping?!?! But I go! I'm still working it all out though. We bought a foam pad and Aaron had taught me to set up his tent. I've almost mastered his mummy bag … both times it's unzipped all the way (and the zipper unhooked) in the middle of the night due to the fact that I can't zip it all the way up :P I thought I broke it. Oh, and I forgot to mention that it's too small for me. Ha ha. We'll have to get a sleeping bag for me so that Aaron and I can camp together in Yellowstone this semester!

More is to come, but this is our crazy life so far!

We love you guys!