Thursday, December 8, 2011

My 3 Month Old

So, Aaron and I decided to take a swing at doing our own 3 Month photos. We'll go to a photographer ...
But these are the highlights!

What are YOU doing here? This is MY photo shoot!

Ok, we're friends again!

Dawson generally falls asleep when we don't want to nor when we are expecting it. (His schedule is pretty wacked out and I have no hopes of reviving it till the holidays and travels are over). So he was playing with his pillowpet, and then it was quiet. He was clutching the pillow with both hands! So cute!

Ahh those CHEEKS!

Another sleeping picture, I thought he was sucking his thumb .... but he wasn't ha ha.

No more pictures?!?! How could you?!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Homework and Babysitting

Aaron and I have a system, Aaron babysits while I make dinner.

I guess whatever makes Dawson happy ... =)

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting Crafty

So I got this jumper at a garage sale before Dawson was born and before we found our apartment. If we had found the apartment, I wouldn't have gotten it. You see, Our apartment has a serious lack of usable door frames. Not that there isn't any around, just that there isn't any I can hang this bouncer on. Let's just say the only places he can bounce is in his closet, our closet, the laudndry room (he'd have to bounce on the dryer ...), or our bathroom. Not too ideal, but it's working.

This was his first experience in it. He didn't know what to think. He couldn't even touch the ground. So he just sat there and slowly rotated in circles.

So we gave him something to jump on =) He liked that very much.

"Now what do I do Daddy?"

So I just joined pinterest ... and well. It's been fun and addicting. I'm glad Aaron is tolerant of this. The only way I get away with doing all these crafts is by telling him that I can do each one for under $5. And some share supplies, and all of them use up supplies that we've had for a while!

So I made a yarn wreath =) This yarn is a result from an attempted baby blanket ... I did about 10 rows and quit. Lame ....

Our Christmas decorations!

Ok, back to pinterest! (Blogger is special and rearranges my pictures ...)

Aaron collects coins ... he used to have bags and boxes full of them. So I got him some coin books to actually make it authentic. But he has so many foreign coins from his mission and what not. They're all way cool and I love looking at them. They are always tucked away and never looked at! So with Aaron's permission and guidance as to which side of the coin he wants showing. I glued magnets to the back of them. They're on with hot glue too, so if Aaron changes his mind (He had a hard time letting me do this, but he's enjoyed seeing them on a daily basis) he can just peel them off and they'll be back to normal!

I even trimmed his pins down and made magnets. How fun!

Then I got wine glasses at the dollar store. The pretty ones were etched and monogramed and what not. So I painted them =) I lined one with magnets and they are going on our bathroom counter. They'll hold bobby pins (hence the magnetic strip), hair ties, and Q-tips. I'm excited to have these out.

A friend of mine gave me this play place. It converts into a crawl tunnel, and she gave it to me assembled that way. Well, it took 3 months, 400 miles, and a week at my sister's place (Thanks Heather) ... but I found out (rather Heather showed me) that it can convert into a play mat. DUH! I had it in tunnel form with the toys dangling on it next to Dawson. He wasn't that entertained with it, because he couldn't reach it, he could just swat it with one hand. Here is what the tunnel looks like. Needless to say, he LOVES it now and it's been nice for me because I can do things while he enterains himself. Beautiful!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Returned Missionaries, Dinosaurs, and Turkey!

A few weeks ago, my friend David came home from his mission. So we headed back to my old stomping grounds and to the church building I grew up in to hear David's talk. He seemed to like our little guy =)

Dawson got some shots later that week, and I felt bad for him. So I got him a pillow pet so he could be just like daddy! He LOVES it!

He doesn't normally show any response or emotion towards any toys. Well, except for a little plush ambulance ... but that one makes him cry. We put this on top of him and he grabbed it and stuffed it in his mouth. He giggled and smiled. He loves this little thing!

Then we traveled to Kentucky for Thanksgiving. Reagan likes to shower "Baby Dawson" with toys. Soon, he was drowning in them! It's a good thing he's chill and likes attention!

Daddy and I went to the Sluggerville museum. It's so fun to see how the bats are made! At the end, they give you a free little bat. So we thought Dawson might enjoy posing next to it. He didn't really notice, he was just smiling at Daddy and I! But it still makes for some nice pictures.

"Uh Oh, I dropped my bat!"

Of course, we had to pose with our tiny bats ... in front of the GIANT bat!

So his Thanksgiving outfit is a little small ... hence the peek-a-boo to his diaper! But still cute nonetheless!

Dawson took his nap BEFORE Thanksgiving dinner ... but lucky for us, he took one afterwards too!

We've had a fun Thanksgiving with Heather and Jerrel and Reagan. It's so fun to see Reagan with Dawson. She's so sweet to him! She runs into the room to make sure he's happy and pushes the buttons on his toys to make them sing. She's gotten him to laugh several times (which is big because even I have a hard time making him laugh!)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Dawson is giggling! Remember that belly laugh I talked about in the last post!? Well, I got it on camera! Oh my heavens is that boy precious!!
Sorry the video is so shaky, I was laughing too!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh what a Sunday

So the day started off at 1 am. I'm pretty sure Dawson doesn't feel too well, so he's been a bit of a booger when it comes to sleeping. 1 am, he finally sleeps in his crib. He sleeps in our arms NO PROBLEM, but put him in his crib ... and he sleeps for maybe 10 minutes. He usually goes in his crib around 10 and sleeps till around 6. Love it. Not tonight. So after he fell asleep, naturally, I'm too tired to go to sleep. I tossed and turned for 2 hours. It didn't help that Dawson whimpered those 2 hours. I checked on him about every 15 minutes and when I was in the room, silence. Oh silly boy. Then he woke up at 6:30. Right on schedule! I had to get up at 7 anyways for church. Aaron's been sick, so I didn't dare wake him up. And then, I looked at the clock on my computer, 5:30?! Nice, I get to go back to sleep for an hour after Dawson eats!

I have never been more grateful for daylight savings .... :D

We get home from a wonderful church meeting and I jump straight into bed. 3 hours later, I heard a strange noise coming from the baby's room. Is he choking? Is he crying? What's wrong?! I jump out of bed and rush into his room. Aaron was changing his diaper. "What's wrong? Is he ok?!"

Aaron was almost in tears, "He's been belly laughing for me. Like he tenses up, arches his back and his whole body shakes! Watch!"


Hopefully, he'll laugh like that for me and I'll be able to get it onto video!

At least my boys are able to laugh when they don't feel good. =)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Baby's Room

I've been waiting to take pictures of the baby's room because it changes by the day. I can't make up my mind. Well, now that we've rearranged some furniture and moved in some others, I'm glad to say that it won't change in a while. I hope ...

The light is now in the corner behind the dresser. It's been a constant struggle to find the right place to put lights since there are no overhead lights in any of the rooms (except for the kitchen and master bedroom ... which the master's overhead light isn't controlled by a switch either!). All the lights are plugged into 1 outlet (I've never had to use SO MANY extension cords before!) that is controlled by the light switch. I'm starting to get rather creative with my lights hence the scentsy candle lighting up one of the corners of the room.

I painted that shelf! I'm so proud of myself :')

He already has so many stuffed animals, so I thought I would incorporate them into Aaron's bookshelf. It also made it more child-friendly. How child-friendly can you make a 6 foot bookshelf full of college textbooks though?

Here's a cute little story to make you smile. Dawson was laying on the floor while I was putting books on the bookshelf and I was holding a picture of Jesus. Dawson was just looking around, not really smiling, but still happy. I put the picture of Jesus in his eye sight and he giggled and smiled and started to kick with happiness. It was SO cool to see. I did it several more times and he had the same reaction, then I showed him other pictures and he didn't react until I showed him Jesus again. It's so amazing how pure and wonderful he is. I know he was with his heavenly father just a few months ago, and he has already taught me so much. I love this little dude!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our October

This has been an eventful month. Well, I guess every day is eventful with a little one.

It started out with Dawson being super cute ... don't worry, he still is!

Followed by a trip to South Carolina for conference. On our way, we witnessed a small neighborhood move.

Dawson passed out at grandmas.

Dawson and I found a new morning ritual. While I do my hair and makeup, Dawson watches the fan. I put scraps of fabric on there and turn it on. It usually has his attention long enough for me to fully get ready!

Then there was some more cuteness. Thanks Heather for the cute Halloween shirt =)

Followed by the Caegle's Dairy Corn Maize in Canton! I missed this place a lot, so we went with our friends and their two adorable girls. We had a blast, and you guessed it, Dawson slept the whole time!

But that didn't stop daddy from trying to play on the bouncy thing ...

Dawson and Kinnley.

Kinnley took more of an interest to Dawson, Dawson is still trying to figure out the concept of other babies.

Then a Halloween party that night. Aaron was a pharmacist, I was a prescription bottle, and Dawson was the pill. I thought it was fitting that he be crying in his pill costume. He was a perfect angel during the party.

Then there was some more cuteness. This is Sunday cuteness. Mmm mmm that boy is adorable.

There were some "Little Rascals" club signs.

Followed by, you guessed it, more cuteness.

The month ended with a ward Halloween party where Dawson was a horse (Thanks again Heather) and I was a cowgirl and Aaron was a student at home studying. but before the Halloween party, the boys took a little nap together. How precious.

I got pictures of Dawson on 9-27-11 and 10-27-11, his 1 month and 2 month marks, in the same outfit. How cool that he's already grown so much!

Hope everyone had a happy October!
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