Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Hard Work To Be This CUTE!

Mommy had to get a picture of me in my cute little overalls. Next week she may add a turquoise bow tie!

We had a ward activity and we had to wear our school colors. This is us sporting our BYU-I DO *I mean BYU-Idaho* getup

Mommy just loves takin pictures of me while I sleep. It's only because I'm SO CUTE!!

Mommy, PLEASE, no more pictures ...

It's hard work to be this cute ...

Here's a video of me snoring away ... I snore a lot!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My little sleeper

He's too cute when he sleeps =) He's out cold and snoring away!

Daddy says he sleeps like his momy ...
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rub a Dub Dub

Today was Dawson's first submersed bath! Still trying to figure out this little bath thing. It was GREAT for the sponge baths ... but he scrunches up so much, he would have drowned if I weren't holding him up! But now he's squeaky clean and he didn't shiver the whole time =) which makes mommy feel better. And Dawson felt much better as he spit up ALL OVER himself after his bath ... Oh well. We live and learn!

Grandma Nethercott sent an adorable fleece blanket and matching burp rags. Dawson seems to like the blanket =) Thanks grandma!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Musical Sunday

Today has been a rather musical Sunday. We got to church rather early and the choir was singing prelude. So Aaron took the baby and I joined the choir. Then in Relief Society I was asked to play the prelude and opening song. After that, Aaron and I attended ward choir. Dawson decided to sing too ... in his own special baby way. He was on the floor at Aaron's feet asleep and farting non-stop! Then after 45 minutes of singing (and Dawson farts) a brother leaned over and said "OH! There is a BABY down there! I seriously though Aaron was the one tooting this whole time!"
So ends our 1st day with day in the Brockett Ward Choir. I hope they'll let us come back ...

This is what Dawson wore today. I just HAD to put on those cute little shoes! I could eat him up!

Look mommy, I finally found my thumb!

I love taking pictures of him while he sleeps =) He's such a little angel.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Figuring Out This Mommy Stuff

Today, Dawson and I went to check our mail. Sounds like a simple task doesn’t it? Well. Not for me. First of all, we have 2 strollers. One is an umbrella stroller and the other is a big and bulky, folding Graco. Aaron took the car this morning, so our little outing required the Graco. “It’s ok, I can do this, I need to figure it out eventually right? After all, if I walk to campus to visit Aaron, this is the stroller I’d have to take anyways.”

I stuck Dawson in the stroller and headed out the front door. Then I realized it was a little chilly. So we scrambled inside and I grabbed a blanket. Then we scrambled outside again. Stairs. How do I do those? I tried a few different methods on the first few steps. No progress. So I unlock the door, set the baby in the crib, shut the door, and drag the stroller down the stairs with an accomplished grin on my face. Then I came inside and grabbed Dawson, locked the door and set him in the stroller. After running into more stairs and hills and bumps, we made it to the mail box and back and the process started all over again. I picked baby up and walked him upstairs, only this time, my neighbor (Whom I had never met before) asked if he could help with my stroller. What a kind man. He ran off to catch up with his friends, so I never got his name.

But is the real reason anyone will visit my blog now: Pictures of my little man =)

The ever-so-cute smile caused by gas. I just pretend he's smiling at me =D
2 Weeks

His rendition of "Blue Ice"

Check out his double chin!!

That's enough mommy ....

We just LOVE our cuddle time!

This is an adorable bib a friend made him. He'll grow into it eventually ... For now it's frickin' adorable and fully functional.

1 week old

1 Week Old and all ready for game day! Go Cougars!!