Friday, September 9, 2011

Figuring Out This Mommy Stuff

Today, Dawson and I went to check our mail. Sounds like a simple task doesn’t it? Well. Not for me. First of all, we have 2 strollers. One is an umbrella stroller and the other is a big and bulky, folding Graco. Aaron took the car this morning, so our little outing required the Graco. “It’s ok, I can do this, I need to figure it out eventually right? After all, if I walk to campus to visit Aaron, this is the stroller I’d have to take anyways.”

I stuck Dawson in the stroller and headed out the front door. Then I realized it was a little chilly. So we scrambled inside and I grabbed a blanket. Then we scrambled outside again. Stairs. How do I do those? I tried a few different methods on the first few steps. No progress. So I unlock the door, set the baby in the crib, shut the door, and drag the stroller down the stairs with an accomplished grin on my face. Then I came inside and grabbed Dawson, locked the door and set him in the stroller. After running into more stairs and hills and bumps, we made it to the mail box and back and the process started all over again. I picked baby up and walked him upstairs, only this time, my neighbor (Whom I had never met before) asked if he could help with my stroller. What a kind man. He ran off to catch up with his friends, so I never got his name.

But is the real reason anyone will visit my blog now: Pictures of my little man =)

The ever-so-cute smile caused by gas. I just pretend he's smiling at me =D
2 Weeks

His rendition of "Blue Ice"

Check out his double chin!!

That's enough mommy ....

We just LOVE our cuddle time!

This is an adorable bib a friend made him. He'll grow into it eventually ... For now it's frickin' adorable and fully functional.

1 week old

1 Week Old and all ready for game day! Go Cougars!!


  1. oh my goodness! he is S0 precious!! i can't wait to meet him!!!

  2. Babies make the cutest expressions!! He's darling!! Next time you go for the mail put him in a baby carrier. He will be much easier to handle. Hang in there!!

  3. Ahhhhhhh what a cute little bean! i want to just kiss and pinch (softly) those little cheeks of his.

  4. is the last one, the lion onesie, one of the ones from aunt Heidi? (haha do you like how I refer to myself in third person anytime I'm talking to you about Dawson?) It looks really familiar. Britt he is freakin adorable.