Sunday, September 11, 2011

Musical Sunday

Today has been a rather musical Sunday. We got to church rather early and the choir was singing prelude. So Aaron took the baby and I joined the choir. Then in Relief Society I was asked to play the prelude and opening song. After that, Aaron and I attended ward choir. Dawson decided to sing too ... in his own special baby way. He was on the floor at Aaron's feet asleep and farting non-stop! Then after 45 minutes of singing (and Dawson farts) a brother leaned over and said "OH! There is a BABY down there! I seriously though Aaron was the one tooting this whole time!"
So ends our 1st day with day in the Brockett Ward Choir. I hope they'll let us come back ...

This is what Dawson wore today. I just HAD to put on those cute little shoes! I could eat him up!

Look mommy, I finally found my thumb!

I love taking pictures of him while he sleeps =) He's such a little angel.

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  1. Cute, cute, CUTE! Can't wait to snuggle with him! P.S. Your stroller incident cracked me up! I know how you feel!