Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Hard Work To Be This CUTE!

Mommy had to get a picture of me in my cute little overalls. Next week she may add a turquoise bow tie!

We had a ward activity and we had to wear our school colors. This is us sporting our BYU-I DO *I mean BYU-Idaho* getup

Mommy just loves takin pictures of me while I sleep. It's only because I'm SO CUTE!!

Mommy, PLEASE, no more pictures ...

It's hard work to be this cute ...

Here's a video of me snoring away ... I snore a lot!


  1. What a great job you are doing putting up pictures. I love it! He is so cute and we miss him. oh and you and Aaron MOM

  2. OH MY GOSH I WANT HIM!!! Britt and Aaron... you need to make more babies. Good job. He is so dang cute!!

  3. He looked cute in all his Halloween outfits! Excited to see you all this Thanksgiving!