Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday"s gift

This was Tuesday's gift to Aaron. I put it in his laptop with a few highlighters. When he picked it up for school everything fell out.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

It's PCAT week! Aaron takes the PCAT on Saturday and I'll be giving him a little "present" every day to boost his confidence a littl bit. He's so smart and he needs to know it.
This was today's gift. I put the bear right next to his alarm clock (his phone).
He gave a little giggle, put his phone on snooze and went RIGHT back to sleep. Ha ha

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Saturday, August 14, 2010


We got home, the apartment was a mess from packing for the trip. So what do we do? We rearrange our room! I love it though!!! Our dirty laundry fits under the bed as well as a lot of things we couln't fit there previously. We got a tall bookshelf for $10 that fits all our books!! Our old one didn't very well. Half of our textbooks didn't fit on it. =(
I love our room and I actually open the blinds now because I love it so much!

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Our Trip to Arizona

So ... we went to Arizona for my brother's wedding. We brought our camera ... but didn't take any pictures. On our way home, we stopped in Mexican hat to visit Aaron's sister. So we had a senic drive. Of course, we took pictures of that instead .... we fail at this whole camera business.
Well, here are the pictures we took.

Fire at the INL

There was a huge fire at the INL the other day (ok so like a month ago). But it was sooo sweet. The WHOLE sky gave off this eerie orange glow. It ... was ... AWESOME. You can see how thick the smoke is!

This is the view to the North

This is the view to the South!

Check out that PLUME! This was the only "edge" we could see. It was as far North, East, and West we could see.
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