Monday, May 28, 2012

9 Months Old

9 Months of pure and utter cuteness. I can't believe it.
I have finally uploaded a few videos.
Dawson's idea of how to use a sippy cup.
Dawson likes to fling his spit on us ...
Dawson tries SO hard to reach that baby in the mirror!

We went to the airport's park to take pictures and play. We love that park. Ok, so Aaron and I love it more than Dawson does ...

He enjoyed the airplane =)

I love his face on the swing! We put him in there and started to push him, he CRACKED up! He LOVES the swing! You can see the video here.

Didn't really care about the slide though.

We love our little boy! He claps, waves, and rolls ALL over the place now! He's so much fun. He loves attention. No matter who gives it. He's to the point where he'll let someone hold him and play with him, but once he sees Mommy or Daddy, he freaks out. 
We are so grateful for those who serve and have served our country. We are grateful for our freedom and to live in this wonderful country. Happy Memorial Day. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cuteness Lately

Aaron started work! He's a real-live paid intern at a pharmacy. He even gets to wear a white coat =D He can do everything the pharm-techs can do and a bit more. It's pretty cool!

Dawson is becoming more "self-reliant" well, at least he thinks he is. 
He tries really hard to feed himself ....

Sometimes, he's not patient enough to wait for his spoon.

Now that I'm a paparazzi independent consultant, I wish there were another (cuter) girl in the house to model some of my products. Dawson's cute enough right!? Plus ... this will definitely be a picture we show to the future Mrs. Dawson Nethercott.

We have found a new (and bigger) toy for Dawson. Yup. He LOVES sitting in the rocking chair! He's found out that if he kicks, it rocks a little!

Dawson is such a fun little dude. He's rolling all over now and rolls across the room to get to something he wants (usually a computer or phone cord). We love watching him figure things out, like tipping his toy basket over and fishing a certain toy out of the basket. He's also playing more games with us. We usually call them "Dawson Wins" since only Dawson knows the rules .... Nevertheless, it's fun to watch our little dude grow and learn!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fun Things of Late

We got some cute pictures of Dawson playing on the bed this morning. After looking at it, I realized he looks naked ... I promise you he's not. His belly fat and huge thighs just cover up his diaper. I swear it's there!

What is this?!?

Friday, we enjoyed some time with Daddy! He took us to the pool. Dawson enjoyed the water now that it was warm enough to swim in!

It may have been a little cold ...

I was looking through Dawson's 8 Month pictures, and one picture caught my eye. Maybe it's because I'm an insanely proud mommy that thinks her son is basically the cutest being to ever come to this planet, BUT Doesn't this picture look like the "Confused Baby Meme" that's been going around the internet??
Ok, so Dawson looks more drugged than confused, but it came close right?!