Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cuteness Lately

Aaron started work! He's a real-live paid intern at a pharmacy. He even gets to wear a white coat =D He can do everything the pharm-techs can do and a bit more. It's pretty cool!

Dawson is becoming more "self-reliant" well, at least he thinks he is. 
He tries really hard to feed himself ....

Sometimes, he's not patient enough to wait for his spoon.

Now that I'm a paparazzi independent consultant, I wish there were another (cuter) girl in the house to model some of my products. Dawson's cute enough right!? Plus ... this will definitely be a picture we show to the future Mrs. Dawson Nethercott.

We have found a new (and bigger) toy for Dawson. Yup. He LOVES sitting in the rocking chair! He's found out that if he kicks, it rocks a little!

Dawson is such a fun little dude. He's rolling all over now and rolls across the room to get to something he wants (usually a computer or phone cord). We love watching him figure things out, like tipping his toy basket over and fishing a certain toy out of the basket. He's also playing more games with us. We usually call them "Dawson Wins" since only Dawson knows the rules .... Nevertheless, it's fun to watch our little dude grow and learn!

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  1. Oh I miss him! Good luck with work to my favorite pharmacist, love your jewelery and the headbands...on my grandson??????? Grandma I