Monday, February 22, 2010

Coloring eggs

Yeah .... I went there
get it? Hard egg?!?
They're my hard-boiled eggs!

Aaron's birthday

I threw Aaron a surpise party! It was so much fun. He had NO IDEA! He was gone all day. Then I picked him up from a test and everyone jumped out of the bathroom and surprised him. How fun! We played lots of games and ate muddie buddies, chocolate-chip brownies, 2 cakes, and chips and salsa. One of Aaron's old roomate's wife had a birthday the same day. We have a lot of mutual friends so we made it a party for her too. She got gifts and brought an icecream cake. It was a great night.

This is the cake I made Aaron for his surprise party! Ok, so I MADE the cake and Jordan (Aaron's old roomate) decorated.

Becca came over and helped me make these yummy chocolate chip brownies! mmmm But with 2 cakes (Emily brought her own) and salsa, these weren't really touched. Oh well, more for us!

All the people that attened this party! Everyone I invited showed up! Even the silly boys that forgot but were gently reminded that Aaron would be dissapointed. And that there would be lots of food. They were not dissapointed.