Monday, February 27, 2012

I feel creative

We buy our oil in bulk, in these giant jugs. I hate pulling out of the top shelf just for a tablespoon, or to coat a pan. Since then, I've wanted a bottle that pours oil.
Like this one:
But I could never justify spending upwards of $30 for one.
So I got my empty contact solution bottle ...
Like this one:
And ran the cap under hot water. Those caps DO NOT come off ... so I had to soften the plastic to pop it off. I cleaned it out, filled it with oil and ....
the oil didn't pour out like I expected.
Upon examination, I found that the hole in the top was built more for dripping than pouring.
But I fixed it! I stuck a fork in the hole and now ...
It pours!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Celebrating Love

Dawson loves his little "excersaucer". Even when he gets his hand stuck ... not sure how he pulled this one off!

So Aaron's birthday started with his favorite breakfast:Waffles and Bacon.
Then Dawson trumped me by having a complete giggle-fest when Aaron walked in the room. Way to steal my thunder little dude.

Then, Aaron came home for lunch to this awesome cake. It's the molecular structure of Tylenol.
Once again ... trumped by Dawson. Sudden giggle-fest when Aaron came home!
Dawson 2:Mommy 0.

Aaron came home from school to a note on the door. Each one was a cheesy little rhyme that sent him on a scavenger hunt all over the apartment.

It ended at his new toolbox. It's accordion-style and fits most of his tools! It's way better than the many cardboard boxes that rip every week!

Mommy won round 3 with the scavenger hunt. Although, it was by default since Dawson was asleep for round 3. You snooze you lose little man!

The next day, Aaron came home on valentines day to this.
Can I say best wife ever? Yeah, I drew Perry the Platypus and on the inside Phineas and Ferb. Aaron loved it! (If you're keeping score, that's Mommy 2: Dawson 2)

Then Aaron surprised me with chocolates =)

Then we made a fort! It has been so fun! We brought in all our blankets, and even the memory foam. It's so comfy =)

Dawson likes it too!

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!