Sunday, April 29, 2012

8 Months Old

Dawson Robert Nethercott
8 Months Old
Wow ... time flies. Speaking of flying, we have a private airport about 10 minutes away from our place. They have a playground that is RIGHT next to the watch tower. They have a little bleacher area where you can watch planes take off and land on one of the airstrips. 
It's basically awesome.
Dawson wasn't quite sure what to think with boogeys in his eyes, kids running around, the watch tower talking over the intercom, and the planes taking off and landing.
He didn't NOT like it though ....

I bet daddy taught him this trick ...

It is such a beautiful day today, so I took Dawson outside. This place is right behind our building. It's got a bench swing, a grill, a picnic bench, and a little grassy area, we had fun hanging out there today.

A dandelion!?

Mmmmm dandelion.



Dawson is an incredibly happy baby. He observes the world around him, and smiles as he goes. Everyone loves him and what's not to love? We're having so much fun learning with him and discovering some more of his personality.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ridiculously Cute

Dawson and I went up to campus to have a picnic with Daddy. It was so much fun! We've had some beautiful and some not so beautiful weather these past few weeks.

Can you find Dawson??

Don't worry, Daddy was behind him holding him up the whole time.

We took advantage of the great weather by going to the pool. Dawson had a fun time just chillin in his shorts with Daddy.

The water was too cold =( But we went to the campus' indoor pool, and Dawson loved the water. 

I used to give Dawson a few toys to play with, but one day I got tired and just plopped the basket next to him. Best. Thing. Ever. Dawson LOVES this new freedom of PICKING his toys!

Dawson's a champ at rolling over now. He's got a cute technique =)

He smiles ...

Lifts one arm, throws his head back, lifts his leg up and ....


This is Dawson watching himself on the TV. Oh man, he's cute, and he knows it!

So I try to make the Young Women snacks when I teach, this week, I made snickers!! 
So, me and my genius thought, "After I dip the bars in the chocolate, I'll put them on a wire rack. That will let the excess chocolate drip off and they'll be perfectly covered!"

That's what happens .... but surprisingly, the chocolate stays attached to the bar AND the rack!
So I had to pop the bars off the rack, 3 sides were coated and there was some bare nougat on the bottom. I didn't hear any complaints though.

View the carnage ...

One perfect one =) even though the nougat is exposed on the bottom ...

This is the bottom ....