Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sleeping, Grandma, and Utter Cuteness!

Earlier this month, Dawson and I headed up to Grandma's house. We went to help watch over Hudson and Porter. Those two are cute cookies!!

Dawson REALLY enjoyed the hardwood floors. First of all, no rug burns! Second of all, the hardwood made it MUCH easier to scoot around on. He practically glided. And he traveled everywhere!

 And I mean everywhere ....
My mom and I heard little distressed grunts coming from the kitchen area. We peeked over the couch to see this:

Let's examine this picture please refer to the number references below:
#5.) Dawson kicking as hard as he can against the wall. He knew he was trapped
#4.) Both arms under the lateral bars in the chair. On solid ground. A false sense of security.
#3.) A look of discontent. This is expected among a small trapped child
#2.) One leg wrapped around the other chair leg. Really ... don't ask me how, I don't know.
#1.) The cause of all this distress. Proving the shortest route was definitely the wrong choice today. 

Meanwhile: Porter and Hudson talking amongst themselves. Oblivious to the obvious torture happening just a few feet away.

Well, after some wild fun at Grandma's, we decided it was time for Dawson to eat green beans ... himself!
We accidentally gave him the bowl. However, I was quite impressed that he managed to NOT tip the bowl or deliberately spill his beans. 
I'm sure he'll figure this out soon.

But the real reason you all looked through this post:
Sleeping baby pictures.
You know, it's ironic. I spend most of the day wishing it was Dawson's bedtime. Hoping it will come by sooner. But when he's asleep (As well as sleeping in our closet with only a sheet to muffle the noise and light) I find myself walking in there to watch him. Wishing he were awake so we can play some more. 
Irony ... gets you every time.

Clutching his binki ... cute!

We love this little booger. And he'll be 1 in less than a week! Time sure does fly by!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Some cute videos

This is how Dawson used to get around.
Now he's upgraded to this.