Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fun Things of Late

We got some cute pictures of Dawson playing on the bed this morning. After looking at it, I realized he looks naked ... I promise you he's not. His belly fat and huge thighs just cover up his diaper. I swear it's there!

What is this?!?

Friday, we enjoyed some time with Daddy! He took us to the pool. Dawson enjoyed the water now that it was warm enough to swim in!

It may have been a little cold ...

I was looking through Dawson's 8 Month pictures, and one picture caught my eye. Maybe it's because I'm an insanely proud mommy that thinks her son is basically the cutest being to ever come to this planet, BUT Doesn't this picture look like the "Confused Baby Meme" that's been going around the internet??
Ok, so Dawson looks more drugged than confused, but it came close right?!

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  1. He is so cute! I bet he enjoyed seeing his daddy again, after your visit here. He is always so happy. I love him so. Love MOM