Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Baby's Room

I've been waiting to take pictures of the baby's room because it changes by the day. I can't make up my mind. Well, now that we've rearranged some furniture and moved in some others, I'm glad to say that it won't change in a while. I hope ...

The light is now in the corner behind the dresser. It's been a constant struggle to find the right place to put lights since there are no overhead lights in any of the rooms (except for the kitchen and master bedroom ... which the master's overhead light isn't controlled by a switch either!). All the lights are plugged into 1 outlet (I've never had to use SO MANY extension cords before!) that is controlled by the light switch. I'm starting to get rather creative with my lights hence the scentsy candle lighting up one of the corners of the room.

I painted that shelf! I'm so proud of myself :')

He already has so many stuffed animals, so I thought I would incorporate them into Aaron's bookshelf. It also made it more child-friendly. How child-friendly can you make a 6 foot bookshelf full of college textbooks though?

Here's a cute little story to make you smile. Dawson was laying on the floor while I was putting books on the bookshelf and I was holding a picture of Jesus. Dawson was just looking around, not really smiling, but still happy. I put the picture of Jesus in his eye sight and he giggled and smiled and started to kick with happiness. It was SO cool to see. I did it several more times and he had the same reaction, then I showed him other pictures and he didn't react until I showed him Jesus again. It's so amazing how pure and wonderful he is. I know he was with his heavenly father just a few months ago, and he has already taught me so much. I love this little dude!


  1. how precious!! I love the room and ESPECIALLY love the little story about the picture of Jesus! Babies are the best, THE END!

  2. They are so precious all through the years and even when they are moms! Love you and love that you enjoy Dawson so much! Love mom