Friday, November 25, 2011

Returned Missionaries, Dinosaurs, and Turkey!

A few weeks ago, my friend David came home from his mission. So we headed back to my old stomping grounds and to the church building I grew up in to hear David's talk. He seemed to like our little guy =)

Dawson got some shots later that week, and I felt bad for him. So I got him a pillow pet so he could be just like daddy! He LOVES it!

He doesn't normally show any response or emotion towards any toys. Well, except for a little plush ambulance ... but that one makes him cry. We put this on top of him and he grabbed it and stuffed it in his mouth. He giggled and smiled. He loves this little thing!

Then we traveled to Kentucky for Thanksgiving. Reagan likes to shower "Baby Dawson" with toys. Soon, he was drowning in them! It's a good thing he's chill and likes attention!

Daddy and I went to the Sluggerville museum. It's so fun to see how the bats are made! At the end, they give you a free little bat. So we thought Dawson might enjoy posing next to it. He didn't really notice, he was just smiling at Daddy and I! But it still makes for some nice pictures.

"Uh Oh, I dropped my bat!"

Of course, we had to pose with our tiny bats ... in front of the GIANT bat!

So his Thanksgiving outfit is a little small ... hence the peek-a-boo to his diaper! But still cute nonetheless!

Dawson took his nap BEFORE Thanksgiving dinner ... but lucky for us, he took one afterwards too!

We've had a fun Thanksgiving with Heather and Jerrel and Reagan. It's so fun to see Reagan with Dawson. She's so sweet to him! She runs into the room to make sure he's happy and pushes the buttons on his toys to make them sing. She's gotten him to laugh several times (which is big because even I have a hard time making him laugh!)


  1. He is just the cutest! I love his cheeks!

  2. Callie was looking over my shoulder at the pics of Dawson and shouted baby! He's getting so big!! Funny turkey day outfit! Can't wait to meet him!