Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting Crafty

So I got this jumper at a garage sale before Dawson was born and before we found our apartment. If we had found the apartment, I wouldn't have gotten it. You see, Our apartment has a serious lack of usable door frames. Not that there isn't any around, just that there isn't any I can hang this bouncer on. Let's just say the only places he can bounce is in his closet, our closet, the laudndry room (he'd have to bounce on the dryer ...), or our bathroom. Not too ideal, but it's working.

This was his first experience in it. He didn't know what to think. He couldn't even touch the ground. So he just sat there and slowly rotated in circles.

So we gave him something to jump on =) He liked that very much.

"Now what do I do Daddy?"

So I just joined pinterest ... and well. It's been fun and addicting. I'm glad Aaron is tolerant of this. The only way I get away with doing all these crafts is by telling him that I can do each one for under $5. And some share supplies, and all of them use up supplies that we've had for a while!

So I made a yarn wreath =) This yarn is a result from an attempted baby blanket ... I did about 10 rows and quit. Lame ....

Our Christmas decorations!

Ok, back to pinterest! (Blogger is special and rearranges my pictures ...)

Aaron collects coins ... he used to have bags and boxes full of them. So I got him some coin books to actually make it authentic. But he has so many foreign coins from his mission and what not. They're all way cool and I love looking at them. They are always tucked away and never looked at! So with Aaron's permission and guidance as to which side of the coin he wants showing. I glued magnets to the back of them. They're on with hot glue too, so if Aaron changes his mind (He had a hard time letting me do this, but he's enjoyed seeing them on a daily basis) he can just peel them off and they'll be back to normal!

I even trimmed his pins down and made magnets. How fun!

Then I got wine glasses at the dollar store. The pretty ones were etched and monogramed and what not. So I painted them =) I lined one with magnets and they are going on our bathroom counter. They'll hold bobby pins (hence the magnetic strip), hair ties, and Q-tips. I'm excited to have these out.

A friend of mine gave me this play place. It converts into a crawl tunnel, and she gave it to me assembled that way. Well, it took 3 months, 400 miles, and a week at my sister's place (Thanks Heather) ... but I found out (rather Heather showed me) that it can convert into a play mat. DUH! I had it in tunnel form with the toys dangling on it next to Dawson. He wasn't that entertained with it, because he couldn't reach it, he could just swat it with one hand. Here is what the tunnel looks like. Needless to say, he LOVES it now and it's been nice for me because I can do things while he enterains himself. Beautiful!

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  1. I had that for Callie! She loved it! Your boy is too cute! I love the coin idea and getting creative with the jumper! You did a nice job!

  2. you got to love that what??? ha ha
    Dawson is so cute, i miss him. Grandma Isaksen