Sunday, October 3, 2010

Simply homemade

Ok, so it's not so homemade. But it's partially homemade! I wanted a floating shelf for my spices so we could get into our small cupboard. So I went to DI! I found TONS of shelves! After a few minutes (Ok so like 20) I settled on a dirty, dingy, 3-tiered, wooden shelf. I came home and sanded the sucker and gave it several coats of navy spray paint to match my valences. All and all, it was a good buy =)

Shelf = $3
Spray paint = $2
Sanding sponge = $3
Having less congested cupboards and oven tops? = Priceless


  1. That's awesome! It looks soo cute!
    And PS! I think it funny to see how many wedding invitations are on your fridge! Definitely at BYUI!

  2. oh ha ha ha. We cleared that off like ... THAT day ha ha. The sad thing, all of those people were married at least 3 months .... The oldest one on there was married for like 6 or 7 months or something like that. It's pretty sad.

  3. How cleaver of you! That is functional and practical. I loved your little saying...priceless..ha ha you are so cute. Love ya MOM