Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I made my own nativity scene this year! I LOVE nativity scenes. I love to arrange and rearrange them. I'm not sure why I love them so much, It may be because I grew up with so many? Or maybe because my mom let me arrange them all the time? But I think it's because I love the Christmas season and the story that the nativity tells. It's a wonderful reminder that our Savior came to this earth as a small, helpless child like all of us, lived his life and saved mankind in selfless love.

With that being said, I wanted a nativity scene just for Dawson. I colored and cut out my figures and slapped them on some blocks of wood with modge podge (have I ever mentioned how much I love modge podge?)
Dawson loves it. He loves it so much he stood up ON HIS OWN to play with it!
He doesn't do that for much else. 

My nativity scene is a win for all.
1.) It encourages Dawson to stand
2.) Dawson now has a decoration he can play with
3.) It looks SO darn cute
4.) I get to rearrange it several times a day!!

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