Saturday, November 10, 2012

What a fun few weeks!

We've had some CRAZY fun these past few weeks!

We had a campout with the Young Women. Since I am ward camp director, this fell under my jurisdiction. Hence the air mattress inside a nice heated building ... So some girls slept outside, and some girls inside. We had a fire, so it was legitimate. 

We played some awesome team builders with them (Thanks dad!!)

Save the doll: There are 2 circles, in between the two circles is lava. Here's a rope, and save my dog over by that tree.
The girls worked together really well to save my dog.

But one was too impatient to wait for a solution ... She didn't touch the lava, I was so impressed by her 10 foot leap that I let her have it.

They still had to save her though. Even though she had thrown the dog over to safety.

The all classic: Spiderweb =)

They were glad to be done with this one.

And Sneaky Indian (BIG hit, thanks again Dad!)
One girl thought it was funny to sneak up behind other girls and yell, which gave away her position! It was too funny. We gave her gold stars for creativity.

 Dawson loves to be outside. He also loves his daddy. So when he gets both, he's a happy camper. So happy in fact, he decided to walk for us! He's still figuring it out, but we're in no rush!

Dawson's first bubble bath. He decided early on that eating the bubbles was not a good idea. 

Tonight's Stake activity was a hoedown. We had a lot of fun dressing up like cowboys!

And we can't leave out this picture ... I love my baby.
He only gets his pacifier when he's sleeping, but the day we took this picture, he got to have it all day since he was feeling so yucky. I forgot he had it with him when I bathed him ... but you know those days when mom just gives up? Yeah, that was one of those days.


  1. Looks like you had fun with the girls! Dawson is adorable as always. Love the sea shells!

  2. Boy i have a cute grandson. I am so glad you enjoy him, he is special. Love MOM