Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Dawson!

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Dawson's first birthday!
We had so much fun with balloons and cupcakes and a new toy.
We went up to Daddy's campus to take some pictures of the birthday boy.

Dawson wasn't too sure about this cupcake idea. 

But he knows what's important! First things first: Lick the icing off the candle.

Then lick all the icing off the cupcake

After about a cupcake and a half, Dawson may have reached a little sugar coma ...

But a few balloons fixed that problem.

What has 1 year brought us?
We may be the only parents in the world who is "encouraging" (AKA: forcing) Dawson to learn to walk. As per his doctor's orders. He'll figure it out ... eventually. As for now, we'll let him enjoy life.
He still scoots on his belly, but he's incredibly fast with it now!
He has 2 bottom teeth (with the biggest, cutest gap between them), the top two middle teeth and he's currently cutting the two teeth next to those. At the same time.
Dawson has picked some favorite toys now =)
He picks up a book, opens it and started to babble.
Says "Dada" and associates it with both Aaron and I
Plays peek-a-boo
Clings to his mommy
Dawson bites now that he has teeth OUCH!
Hates pants
Opens and closes every door and cupboard in the house. Even if it means closing the door to our bedroom. While he's in there. Alone. With the lights off. Then screaming in fear.
LOVES bananas
Says "nana" and "Mmm"
"Feeds" himself with a fork and spoon. We're still learning HOW to get food ON the utensil. For now, he bangs it on or near the food and then puts it in his mouth.

We love watching our little goober grow and learn. He is so curious and so cautious at the same time. He's the sweetest little boy and knows that everyone loves him. What's not to love. We're excited to see what the next year brings in store.

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  1. Dawson is so cute! What a cute review on the year. Can't wait to kiss those chubby cheeks. Love Grandma Isaksen