Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Book Worm

I really don't have new pictures to post. I'm bad about taking spontaneous pictures. I did want to brag about my baby though. I'm good at that.
Our little stinker is 13 months old! He does NOT cuddle me at all, so when he does decide to cuddle; I take it. No matter what we are doing. (Which may have been used to my disadvantage because now Dawson lays his head on my shoulder when I lower him down to his crib ...)
Our bedtime routine usually includes a book. Due to Dawson's age, I've stuck to the classic big letters and flashy colors. He mostly tries to play with these books, resulting in power struggles between the two of us. But lately, I've decided to actually read books to him. Dawson rested his little head on me while I read to him "Horton Hears a Who". He stared and stared at the pictures while I read. He was so enthralled in it. We got through half the book before he tried to rip the pages out. WOW!
We also have several block books in his toy bin. He'll pull them out and flip through the pages and "read" them out loud.
I love that he loves books. It's been so fun to see! I'm so impressed with my baby boy!
Now it's time for some regular library trips.

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