Friday, October 12, 2012

Proud Parents

Dawson got his follow-up flu shot a few days ago. Naturally, he did not like them. But we were able to stop the screaming with a simple red sucker. Oh the little joys in life!

We've also found what motivates Dawson to stand: Fruit snacks. He can't pull himself up to stand yet, but boy, he sure tries. He's trying to hard to couch cruise too, but he hasn't figured out how to move his chubby feet. 

He pulls out a fruit snack, hands it to me. I say "Thank you" and put it away. We repeat this until he is out of fruit snacks. We may sample a few during our play. 

Dawson LOVES the piano. He flips the pages and plays some songs. He's quite the prodigy. 

This is our version of time out.
Just kidding. Dawson LOVES being outside. And seeing that it's BEAUTIFUL Fall weather and we have a screened-in porch. I don't mind it so much either. 

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