Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Impromptu Zoo Trip!

This morning, I found a groupon deal. It was $20 for 2 tickets to the zoo. I thought that would be a great Wednesday activity! Se we ran to the zoo!
Dawson had a great time. He just loved the vast space to run around!

He really liked the little cut outs!

He wanted to see what he was posing for ...

We saw some giraffes! They were so neat!

And a strutting crane! He was ruffling his feathers and displaying for the zookeeper. It was pretty funny.

Another cutout. Only this time a little boy joined in the fun =)

Dawson didn't like to share ...

There was a mirror in the reptile exhibit. The plaque read "The most ferocious animal in the world: Homo Sapein"
Dawson doesn't look THAT ferocious!

We love this little dude!

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