Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Long Summer Part 1

This has been a long summer. We lived in South Carolina for a bit of it, moved back home and then left for 2 and a half weeks again. Now we're back, and life is back to being somewhat normal again. 

Father's day:

I made bacon roses. Note the look of sheer joy on Aaron's face. He was quite pleased.  

These puppies were dripping sweet bacon grease nectar.

What a cute matching family. I love us.

And in other news: Dawson turned 2 today!
I love this kid. He has Aaron and I wrapped around his finger. He is such a sweet boy. He is also a flirt and quite the little actor. He can fake a cry better than any Hollywood actress. 

Out of hmmm about 50 pictures, the one above is about the only real framable shot I got. Meanwhile, I made a collage of the typical Dawson faces. I captured most all of them in a single hour. It's a new record.

Then we had a visit from Grandma complete with cupcakes and presents. Dawson first had to pray over his cupcakes and wouldn't unfold his arms until it was time to eat it. Yes, he was trying to pray while he blew out the candles. The first few presents, Dawson was a little timid, by the third one, he was begging for more! It's so fun when they know a little bit more of what is happening. Although, he is still a little clueless and I'm sure he's going to want a repeat tomorrow, but hey, it was fun =)
Dawson, we love you. You've made our lives a joy.

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