Sunday, March 24, 2013

Little Messes

Lately, I have been letting go and letting Dawson make some messes. Which by the way, is a big step for me.

So we went all out and gave him some pasta. 

He loved it so much that he licked his plate clean!

And now he'll drink water ... if it's out of my water bottle. Which makes a big wet mess! I guess whatever makes drinking water fun?

Here is a contained mess:
The ball pit.
Dawson loves it ... sometimes. He LOVED having a friend over to play in the ball pit. They played in there for about 20 minutes! Amazing!

This isn't much of a mess, well if you look REALLY closely it is. 
I made these pants for Dawson. One of the better pairs I've made too!

Here's some cuteness for you:
Dawson and Daddy jammin out to some classic hits. 
Love these guys!

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