Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I do with my new found spare time ...

About a week or two ago, we went to the Jockey Lot. It's basically a GYNORMOUS farmer's market up here in South Carolina. The big joke in our family is that you can find anything you want there. It's more truth than joke, but you get the point.
Well, our first time there, and we see this:

Anyone need a tombstone? You really CAN find anything here!

Lately, I've been experiencing feelings that some may call "nesting." Since I don't really have a place of my own, I've been coping by organizing all of Dawson's clothes by length (rather than size, they're all so different!!). Buuut, I don't really have a spot to put them, so they're in grocery bags by S/M/LG onesies/jumpers/shirts. After that project was done, I moved on to this:

We had a photo album (You know thoselittle binder ones that are covered in the cheap-o fake leather stuff?), well we ended up throwing it in the trunk of the car on our move ... and well ... it got a little banged up. Ok, so really banged up. I didn't like the color anyways. So I got into some of my mom's scrap fabric (With her permission of course) and rewrapped my photo album! Then I ran and grabbed a lion from the baby blanket my mom is making Dawson and recreated the lion with other scrap fabric! Then I found some foam sticky letters, and put Dawson's name on the front. I sure hope I do this for my other kids ...

I must have finished that project too early, so I started a new one. When I first moved in, we found a crib sheet set for 50% off at Wal-Mart. Sooo we got it! It has a sheet, bumber, and blanket that all match! It's so cute! So I got the blanket out and picked my favorite design (The car) and recreated it in construction paper. Then I framed it. Just another decoration to put on the little guy's wall!

Later projects may come. Today, I recreated my wedding boquet in fake flowers (all for 50% off!!). Pictures will come I'm sure!
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  1. I love this! Look how creative you are! I LOVE your framed matching car, thats such an adorable idea!