Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recent Adventures

In April, we gradutated. It was a great day at BYU-Idaho =)

Then we packed our things, shipped them to South Carolina and started our journey.
Our first stop was Afton, Wyoming to spend about 4 day with Aaron's parents. One of those days was Easter and I made my family's traditional jello eggs. Only a few didn't come out of the mold in one piece, but they still looked mighty purdy!

On our way through Wyoming, the highway took us into Idaho! My doctor ordered me to get out of the car and walk around every 2 hours, most of the time, the 2 hours fell around a state sign! So we tried to take a picture with the most we could.

And then back into Wyoming ....

While driving in Wyoming, we ran into a herd of sheep (No sheep were actually harmed) but we had to take pictures ... after all, there was nothing else to do in the 20 minutes we were waiting for them to pass by.

Black sheep =)

Then we stopped in Little America and got an ice cream cone! It's tradition for Aaron's family to get one at Little America when they pass by, and who am I to break a family tradition?!

Then we saw some of this ... a lot of this.

Then we found Colorado. They have pretty state signs. All the others we passed (with the exception of Wyoming) were pretty plain-looking.

After a great stay at the Peterson's place in Colorado (And a WONDERFUL Chick-fil-a breakfast), we hit the road to Nebraska.

And then to Iowa to spend a few days with Aaron's brother and his family. We had a good time seeing them. Unfortunately, we didn't get pictures with the Iowa state sign, but you get the point right?

On the road, we saw Fed Ex trucks pass each other. We thought it was funny, then again, we had already been in the car for about 20 hours in the past 2 days ... cabin fever I guess.

Then on to Illinois! We went to Nauvoo and Carthage ... as you probably saw in my previous post.

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