Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recent Adventures Part:2

Blogger is being dumb ... so if you want to see this in order, I recommend reading the previous post first. Then read this post. As you read this post, use your imagination as to what pictures go with what caption. I should really just start over, but after an hour and half of blogging, I'm doing things MY way.

Before we hit Nauvoo, we went to Witner Quarters Nebraska. Aaron thought he had ancestors burried there, but we couldn't find any. It was so cool to see that sight and see the sacrifice the pioneers made. It was a real faith-builder. Looking at my own life, it makes my burdens seem so light. It s a sight I definately want to revisit.
Then we headed to Nauvoo!
Our trip to Nauvoo was pretty short, we were anxious to get to Iowa. We took a picture at the temple then cruised on down the streets in the town. We stopped at the gunsmith and Aaron LOVED it! Dawson too! He was flipping and dancing the entire time (Something he doens't normally do)! Although, they were painting uptsairs, so it could have been fumes ...
Then we went to the brick mason and got a brick made in Nauvoo. We saw the trail of hope, where the saints crossed the Missouri. (I got a little carried away trying to identify a few waterfowl so I didn't get any pictures ... my bad)

(Picture of the flowers, Carthage, and Joseph, Hyrum, and Aaron)
Then we headed to Carthage Illinois. It was Aaron's first time there (Nauvoo too). We had a good time =)
Of course, being a Wildlife Biology major, I took the opportunity to take a picture of the GIANT Peonies! They were BEAUTIFUL!
(Picture of stretch of road)
Illinois had rough roads, so we turned it into some fun. If you can't tell, there are several horizontal patches in the road. If you've ever played rock band ... well ... you can imagine! We turned up our music and "sang" bass to the beat of the patches in the road. Several hours in the car, and that is the result ... good thing our trip was almost over!
(Picture of Indiana state sign)
Then our trip took us to Indiana on our way to Louisville Kentucky to spend a few days with my sister.

(This is the point the pictures match up with their captions. Thank you for your patience ... because I ran out of mine!)
Then we made it to my sister's place. We had so much fun with them! Then my sister, my niece, Aaron and I drove down to Grandma and Papa's house. They stayed a few weeks and we had so much fun! my niece sure is a cute little gal!

We stayed with Grandma and Papa (only we call them Mom and Dad). They are basically the best parents ever to let us crash with them till we can get our feet on the ground at Mercer!

With the new-found passion for recordable TV, Aaron and I record and watch Ninja Warrior. It's an "obstical course" for the insanely physically fit. We were watching this, and a giant sumo wrestler came on. We died laughing and took a picture of this screen shot =)

My dad has been keeping Aaron busy trying to earn his room and board ;)
After my dad had dropped a palate on Aaron, I saw him in the tree ... I think he's trying to run away from my dad.

Aaron and I visited Atlanta and looked at a few apartments on our list. We visited the Mercer campus too. It is so beautiful!! I think he's going to have a great time here and he might want to stay on campus more than I want him too!

While taking our own trash to the dump, we ended up following a truck with these couches in the back. I thought to myself "Those couches look really good, I wonder if he's going to the dump??" Sure enough: He stopped at the dump! I leaped out of the car and while he pulled some garbage out of his truck, I asked him if he planned on throwing these couches away ... he answered with a confused yes. Then I asked if anything was wrong with them. He gave them a glance and said "No, we just got new couches and had these sitting on our couch for a few months. My wife finally made me take them to the dump." I asked if I could take them and he helped us get it into our truck. Aaron laughed at me the whole way home, but hey ... FREE COUCHES!!

As you can tell, they're a little worse for wear ... the little one has a lot of rust on the back of the chair. So we're in the process of cleaning them up. They are cleaning up nicely! (However, a slipcover might still be their new wardrobe ...) I'll update pictures when we get them all cleaned up!

Between my father beating Aaron, keeping him working in the yard, and cleaning up couches, Aaron swims in the lake. As for me: I've learned too much about parasites in zoology that I won't be going in for a few years ... decades. But Aaron loves it! He goes swimming a lot and he and my dad take a canoe ride down the lake every now and then.

Our latest adventure: Locking BOTH keys in the car at church! My mother, Aaron and I took my father's keys to get something out of the car (and to hint to my dad that we were ready to leave!). Then we thought, well, let's have the AC running so it's nice and cool for our trip home. So we turned on the car ... and then locked and shut the doors. Oops ... one set of keys in the ignition and one in the purse in the front seat! We spent about 20 or so minutes trying to get the door open with a coat hanger. It took ... 5 men? It was kinda funny to watch, but we got the doors open and we drove home!

What an adventure!

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  1. LOL! All of these little stories made me laugh super hard! I miss you guys! also, next time you lock your keys in..its easier to run the hanger between the window and the outside door panel (between the window and the seal) and then to pop the mechanisms inside than it is to try and hook something inside the car. tell Aaron to practice and you will NEVER have to worry about being locked out of any car ever again! :D