Monday, April 6, 2009

Down to one hand!

Well, I'ts finals week, and I have already taken 4 finals. I have 3 more plus 2 quizzes. It's been quite a heavy semester. =) But hey, I'm alive now. 
We recieved some sad news Sunday, Aaron's grandfather Wendel Bagley passed away Saturday night. The funeral will be held on Monday, and Aaron's family has asked him to sing at it. I might even accompany him. =) We had to change out honeymoon plans to accomidate, but we did it gladly.
Aaron has just a few more days at work! he works at the gracery store in town and he manages the freezers. He's always cold when he comes home, and being in ferezing Wyoming probaly doesn't help with that one. ;)
Our wedding is just a few days away and I am soo excited! I'll see my parents and Heather on Thursday, and Aaron will come up Friday and then we get married the next morning! =)

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