Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ok so I caved in ...

Yeah that's right ... I caved, I made a blog. It seemed like the next step in the cyber world. ;) First you get an email address in high school, then you get a facebook account in college, then you get a blog when you're married. It all seems to fit. Anyways, Aaron and I are about to embark on a wonderful journey in our lives, in 10 days we will be married! I am so excited and I can't wait. I'm so tired of talking on the phone every night. Aaron barely gets reception in Wyoming, and I am at the mercy of my roommates for a phone because I don't get reception in my apartment either. I am so grateful that he has only been 2 hours away though. I do not know how I would handle not seeing him as often as I have. I love him to pieces, he is so sweet and so kind to me. He treats me like an angel. =) He's my handsome knight in shining armor. 

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