Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our New Apartment!

Well, after a week of boxing things up and an hour of moving thing in, we have all of our stuff into our new apartment. Now it's time for the unpacking. We've surprisingly done a lot. We have company coming Tuesday, so we're booking it. Today I spent the day in the kitchen figuring out our limited cupboard space while Aaron cleaned our old apartment. I thought we were all moved out, but Aaron keeps coming back with more loose things. Ha ha. Our new apartment is a little smaller than the last, but we'll make due with some organizers. It is a 2 second walk to the laundry and mail vs our old 2 minute walk. The visitor's parking is a lot closer too. I knew today and tomorrow would be crazy so I used our new crockpot this morning. I made a roast with gravy, onions, potatoes, basil, bay leaves and cream of mushroom soup. It was so good, the meat was sooo tender, and it made a lovely (a bit watery) gravy. Here are pictures of our apartment and progress.

This is the vew when you walk in
Here is the view a little further back.

This is our bedrooom, a little smaller than our last place. Oh well.
Here's the bathroom.
Just to the right as you walk in.
Here is our lovely kitchen. =)

We're so excited to have our own place with our own things. Our last aparment was someone elses and we were just living there while they were gone for the semester. It'll be nice to have our very own place. I'll update when we're done!

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  1. What's with the 10 mattresses on your bed?!? lol. Nice place guys. =)