Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Aaron's Birthday

So today is Aaron's birthday.
It's been a fun day.
In between classes and loads of studying, we managed to do this:

I surprised Aaron at school with an awesome cake. I even secretly invited his friends. We had a good time!
It's a captain america cake!

With an american flag inside! Heck YES!

Then when Aaron came home, I had a little scavenger hunt/clue trail. Each clue led him to another and then another till he ended up finding his present. 
Which was:

Aaron really likes this game. It's a gambling game, but a fun wholesome one where nobody really knows the answers. 

Sadly though ... when we were at the school, Dawson started getting warm and lethargic. 
He has been like that all day with a fever.
But he's gotten some fever reducers, cuddles and snacks so he's been a cooperative boy!

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  1. What a cute cake. we love pinterist don't we. You are so cleaver with your presents. Bring the game up sometime when you come. Love MOM