Friday, November 5, 2010


So my recent trip to DI has been a great one!

Let me start with what has been happening recently …

I've been wanting a cat. We can't have a cat. So I've been feeding the strays. Oops :P. There are four of them and pictures are to come.

Ok ok ok, so let me defend myself. Cats ARE the pets #1 as a transmitter for disease and parasites. ESPECIALLY feral cats. You want to know why? Their DIET! They eat rats and mice … need I say more? So lately, the tenants of Mainstreet station have been complaining about the feral cats. They are concerned about them pooping in the playground (Legitimate concern). BUT nobody is willing to do anything about it! So I've been feeding them, hopefully to reduce their parasite load. Then once they become friendly, and feel comfortable around humans, I'll try to find them good homes that will take them in and hopefully spend some money giving them shots and spayed/neutered. If we don't do anything about them, they'll just reproduce and end up in the pound and stay in a little box until they are gassed. So … in my efforts to help these cats get used to me, I've made them a little bed for the winter.

This is what my DI trip was for. I got a THICK wool blanket (about the size of a saddle blanket) and folded it in 4ths. Under that, I put a thin fleece blanket folded in 6ths. All for 6 dollars! I actually tilted a flat cart-like thing we have on our porch over the bed so they have some wind protection. =) The little Siamese kitten has been sleeping there since I put it in! Too cute.

Now here comes the best part of my trip!

MOVIES!!! Each for $2!!!!

Pretty much the most AWESOME purchase!!

Oh yeah, and I got a neck pillow (You know, the little U shaped pillows for travel?!) Memory foam …. Wait for it …. $3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$20 total. MAN I love DI!

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