Monday, July 5, 2010


A few weeks ago, our date night was Toy Story 3! Thanks to my dear sweet sister and my awesome mother, we got 2 free tickets. =) So we used them for date night. It was a fun movie. We'll definitely rent it from redbox when it comes out.

Today, we went to see eclipse. This is going to count for date night =) We are going to Island Park with my class this Friday night. We're going to spend the night in the campus' cabin with all my other classmates and their families. It'll be fun.

Anyways, Eclipse was ok. Not the best, but we were chuckling throughout the whole movie. Some of it was cheesy moments, but some were good one-liners. Aaron liked the fact that there was a lot more action in this one. He would. We liked it though. The actors still need some talent but that may never change ;)

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