Monday, July 19, 2010

Homework is for squares, good thing I'm sharp!

It's finals week! 2 down, 3 to go. I should be studying for the next three. But it doesn't seem so pressing when they are 3 days away .... I'm bad. Oh well. I'll only have to worry about 2 finals weeks everr!! I am way excited.
On a related note, I have my classes set up for next semester!
I'll be taking:
Stream Ecology
Animal Anatomy and Physiology
Horsemanship I&II

I've had my eye on this horsemanship class for quite some time now, It just never fit into my schedule till now. I'm so excited! The first part requires that we learn how to catch our horse, bond with it, bridle it, and saddle it. Then we learn how to ride at different gaits (Speeds) The second section goes into more techniques and harder riding. I am SO EXCITED!!
These classes will start in September =)
In the meantime:
I am registered for Anatomy and Physiology during that 7-week break. It's going to be intensive and tough, but that's all I will be doing for that break. No biggie. I'm taking this class at the grace of my amazing "mentor/counselor"! He can be a pill (He's the one that openly mocks me in class) but he took compassion on me. If he hadn't okayed this class, I would have had to stay an extra semester for only 4 credits. Not my idea of a good time. Especially when I don't know what the future holds!

I have a new job too. I'll still work at the Testing Center, but just as a sub. People will just call me here and there for shifts. I'll be regularly working as a lab TA for my favorite teacher's Botany class! All I had to do was walk up and talk to him and I got the job! I'm pretty excited for it. It'll be fun and I'll be able to sit down without getting yelled at by my boss!

I'm really excited for these next few semesters. =) BYU-Idaho is such a great place to be! Now let's work on one out East pres. Monson ;)

Love y'all

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