Wednesday, June 27, 2012

10 Months

I can't believe we've kept our baby alive for 10 months our baby is 10 months old!
What has 10 months brought us?

Dawson claps when we say "YAY".

Dawson is such a happy baby.
He also has 1 tooth. And guess what?
He's still incredibly happy even with that tooth coming in.

He's so relaxed and chill ALL the time.

Dawson says "Da-da" on a regular basis.
"Ma-ma" rarely leaves his lips ... but when it does, he is showered with praise.

Dawson imitates most syllables now.

Dawson is determined to get anything. Even when we cover it up, move it, or take it away.
He'll try to get it back.

Dawson loves to laugh and smile, especially when his daddy is around.

Dawson loves his daddy. I mean, what's not to love?

Dawson rolls over and twists his body so he can reach ANYTHING he wants to.
Dawson LOVES cheerios and teething "cookies".

We love this little guy. We're pretty excited for the months and years to come!


  1. Oh how cute he is!!!!! You just can't beat having a happy baby!!!! Your pictures are great! I miss you all love mom

  2. He is so cute & happy! He is YOUR child after all... so the happiness is expected. lol He is a doll!