Sunday, March 27, 2011


We're moving to Atlanta! Aaron got accepted to University of Wyoming AND Mercer University in Atlanta. He had a tough decision to make. After long hard weeks of deciding, Aaron decided to attend Mercer. We're busy making plans, finding jobs, and calling people to make this a smooth move. The bishop of our new ward is excited to meet us and has been hooking us up with information and numbers. It's a good thing we called him too, he told us that our top 3 apartments were all in bad areas O_o. On the bright side, he has several Mercer students in his ward and Mercer graduates =) His neighbor is even a professor there! We are SO excited!
We are sad to leave the Burg though. It's a great school with greater people. It'll be weird to not be in school anymore! What does one do? We'll miss the friends we've gained here as well as our close family here. It's been so fun to go to school with Aaron's sisters and be close enough to visit the family often.
Here's to our new adventure!


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED! :D congrats!!!!!! : ) : )

  2. Aaron you are now in the pie of the month club. It will be fun to have you close. We love you both. Mom