Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Project 52: Game Night

First off, we signed our project 52 contract. Go here to see the contract. We added our own little rules too: No phones or computers unless needed for the date and no more than $20 a month. Our first date was a game night with a friend from back home that I haven't seen in a while. We set her up with one of Aaron's old roommates. It was really fun. We even got creative and made our own version of Uno! We made up some new cards using the blank cards in our decks.

The pirates let you switch hands with another player of your choice. The old maid is just that, the old maid. It's unplayable, so If you get stuck with it, you can never play it and lose. But you can swich hands using the pirate, and with our blood uno rules =). We had lots of fun.

We'll keep you updated on our other project 52 dates! I'm so excited to regularly date my husband!

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