Saturday, October 24, 2009

Catching Up …

Aaron ran a race last Saturday, poor thing, his knees hurt for the first 3rd of the race. =( But he pushed through. He's trying to improve his PR. He's doing a good job. He was interviewed this last race. A guy was doing a report on XC and just picked Aaron and asked him a few questions. What a stud!

A few days later we say a hawk RIGHT outside our window! It was tearing apart an animal … It was SOO AWESOME!

Here are long-awaited pictures of the curtains I've made! They took a little while to do and they're not the most professional looking, but they work! The TV is in our room because Aaron and I are both sick. =( I wanted to lay in bed all day, so Aaron offered to put the TV in the bedroom, what a sweet man.

I made pillows to match my couch. I think they look nice … I just wish I made 1 more to go on the other end of the couch instead of the sprite pillow. Oh well. However, the caramel corn on the "coffee table" adds a nice touch.

1 comment:

  1. Is that Trav and Lors old table?
    Make me some Carmel Corn...I want some but don't want to put in the time/effort to make them!